Everything You Need to Know About Our Tree Care Services

Tree Care FAQs

Like any living thing, trees need the proper care to flourish. Taking good care of your trees will increase their health, beauty, and lifespan. The result is not just an attractive and manicured yard, but also a safer environment and a higher return on your investment. But proper tree care involves more than just cutting back low-hanging limbs. Learn more about how to properly maintain and care for your trees here. Need more information? Contact your local tree care professionals at Arbor Source Professional Tree Care.


The art and science of tree pruning involves removing limbs and branches for the health and aesthetics of the tree. Pruning, the form of thinning out branches, is done so more sunlight can shine through. If a tree is suffering from disease or infestation, damaged limbs would be pruned to improve the health of the tree, physically remove the disease or infestation, and also to reduce the risk to the surrounding trees. The certified arborists at Arbor Source are the right professionals to determine correct ways to prune your trees.

The Arbor Source team has experienced climbers who are trained to climb any tree, no matter how tall. We have strict safety standards that protect our workers from injury and your property from damage. We are fully insured against property damage and personal injury.

The topping of trees is a fairly widely-used practice, which should not be used at all. Topping is when most of the crown of a tree is removed. This procedure is sometimes called “heading,” “rounding-over,” or “tipping.” Generally, trees are topped to shorten the tree’s height and reduce potential safety issues. Unfortunately, a tree that is topped grows back limbs that are weaker and result in a less stable, less secure tree. In addition, topping removes the leaves that provide food to the tree. This compromises and weakens the tree so that it cannot fight off disease, insects, or resist environmental conditions. This can lead to the death of the tree.

How often your tree needs attention depends on its size, location, species, and numerous other factors. Fertilizer and disease and insect control are done as needed, pruning and trimming should be done about every 3 to 5 years. If you have young trees, consider a preservation plan. By preserving your young trees, they will be healthier and stronger and will actually require less tree care in the future!

The arborists at Arbor Source Professional Tree Care will visit your site and examine your construction plans to see if any trees could be harmed during the construction process. We also provide protection to trees that may be at risk during the construction process.

At Arbor Source, our team is safety-trained to remove trees in any situation. We have the most up-to-date OSHA safety-equipment to do any job. We are fully insured against property damage and personal injury.

No, never! Arbor Source Professional Tree Care is fully insured against both property damage and injury. We have full worker’s compensation coverage for every worker. If there was an accident on your property, our workers are covered. You have NO liability. At Arbor Source, we safety-train all of our workers, so serious injuries are prevented from occurring in the first place.

Yes. One of our professionals will come to your property, evaluate your individual circumstance, and make recommendations for the appropriate action to address all of your concerns. Then, we will give you a free estimate for the services you would like.

Tree Removal FAQs

Sometimes a tree becomes damaged due to weather, disease, or insects, and cannot be saved. Other times, a tree requires removal because it’s grown too large for its present setting or is causing damage to surrounding structures. If you find yourself in this situation, you will want to remove the tree very carefully. Arbor Source Professional Tree Care has the most up-to-date equipment and safety-training to remove trees of any size in any location. Here are some frequently asked questions about removing trees.

It may be difficult for a homeowner to determine if a tree should be removed. You can see if the tree is touching or causing damage to a nearby structure, or if the tree appears damaged or dying. The only way to be sure if a tree should be removed is to call a professional tree care service like the certified arborists at Arbor Source Professional Tree Care. Only an ISA-certified arborist is trained to thoroughly evaluate the situation and make a recommendation for what is best for your tree, as well as for the safety and security of your property. Some tree care services will recommend taking a tree out, one that should not be removed, simply to increase their revenue. At Arbor Source, we love trees and would never recommend a tree be removed that could be saved, unless you specifically wanted that tree removed.

Arbor Source Professional Tree Care employs the practice and procedures of the International Society of Arboriculture to remove trees. Those methods include felling, trimming from the top of the tree down, and using heavy equipment when needed to prevent damage from falling limbs. We can remove the stump and leave your property clean and like new. Our safety-trained experts know which technique is appropriate for your situation. Once the tree is down, we can leave the woodcut up and ready for your fireplace or haul it away. You can trust our expert tree removal team to manage this challenging service efficiently and safely.

Most often, yes, a permit is required to remove a tree. The experts at Arbor Source are familiar with the regulations from county to county to help you determine if you need a permit and proper procedures to get it. If your county does not approve your permit application, we can recommend alternative plans of action.

At Arbor Source, our team is safety-trained to remove trees in any situation. We use the most up-to-date OSHA-approved tree service equipment and can handle any size job. We are fully insured against property damage and personal injury to give you the peace of mind that you need.

Yes! Our certified arborists can evaluate your specific situation and recommend tree species that would flourish in the location you have chosen. If you already have a tree in mind, we can suggest locations on your property that would suit that species of tree best. At Arbor Source, we are experts in local trees in the Tampa Bay area. Let us help you plant a tree!


“I live in an area of St. Petersburg that has an abundance of Live Oak trees. These trees are majestic, and add a certain small town “charm” to my area. Some of my trees looked sickly, out of shape, and had broken branches.